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Chapter 4.4- Repairs

The bathroom was becoming a bit filthy so Harry decided to clean it.

Petra cooked the family some dinner.

Petra wants her daughter to know she is loved so spends some time playing with her.

She then has to repair the toilet as it has broken down again.

Angelica does some repairs too, fixing the stereo in the living room

Petra gets promoted too and is now able to create her own art at home and bring it into the gallery to be displayed.

Angelica loves little Melody but sometimes she can be a handful, throwing paint everywhere, she is so glad she had her parents when her daughters were little to help out. She was able to distract Melody with some dancing.

Harry was soon promoted again and is now a bit of an agony aunt.

Soon there was a new tv show on and the family apart from Melody who was napping sat down to watch it.

Annie has finally got married

Harry makes time for his daughter who loves to chatter away about a variety of topics.


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