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Chapter 1.6- Adorable Toddlers


Jammie loves it when I play aeroplanes with her giggling and screeching and screaming for more.


She is also becoming quite musical and loves to bang on the xylophone, well mostly. Sometimes she attempts to chew the stick.


I have been watching the news quite a lot of late.


Alex enjoys going to the beach with his old-school mates and playing in the sea, what a kid, you wouldn’t think he was in his twenties


He does help with the cooking, I don’t do some much now as the kids pretty much exhaust me.


Jammie is such a little chatterbox now and is always talking about something


She is also quite creative and loves playing with the doll’s house making stories around the dolls


Soon Mateo too was a toddler and an adorable one at that.


He likes the doll’s house too but spends more time chewing the dolls then playing with them.


He took longer to toilet train then his sister and still sometimes has accidents.


With Funds running low and me not working, Alex spends a lot of time playing the guitar at parties and at the park.


I soon found out I was expecting again, oh dear, we can’t really afford it on just my modest maternity pay and Alex’s tips.


Chapter 1.1- Island Life


Hi, I decided to settle in Isla Paradiso after hearing from my hubby how fun and relaxing it was to grow up here. It is also a great place for kids and with many different careers to try. You see, I am ambitious but I don’t know what career, I want to do. I also want to start a legacy and bring a family up different to the way I was, you see, my mother died when I was two, then I spent four years in the care of nannies before being shipped off to military school when I was six years old. My dad just found it too hard to care for me and we can never bond now as he died when I was Sixteen. I am also neat that’s the only thing, I got from eleven years of boarding school routine. I also became quite a workaholic from that routine. I am nurturing, I loved looking after the younger children at the school and can sleep through anything.


This is my husband Alexander, he lived a great life with his grandparents here on Isla Paradiso and attended the local school. They are now on a cruise. He is very musical and loves to play the guitar, that’s how we met, I attended a school dance and he was part of the band when I was seventeen, I think I fell in love the moment, I saw him. Alex is also a natural born performer which is a good thing as he wants to play his own songs and make a career out of his guitar playing. He is Artistic and loves both the heat and the cold. Me and Alex started dating two weeks after the dance and were soon going steady. After we graduated from our school, we had a quick marriage on the beach with just his grandparents as witnesses and now just two months later are ready to start our adult lives together.


My father left me well provided for in his will and with that money, me and Alex were able to afford this lovely home and renovate it for our needs.


We would need jobs to bring in money so we could afford the bills and food of course so I searched the newspaper for a job. I got a job gathering intel for the local police department.


Me and Alex spend a lot of time at the library. I need skills to progress at work and earn more money and the library is free. Alex also loves to practice his guitar skill there.


I was soon becoming more logical and Alex was improving his guitar skill.


Me and Alex have also become minor celebrities around here just from learning and developing skills.


I have got tired of Mircowave meal, sandwiches and cereal so I started teaching myself to cook.


Alex headed down to city hall and registed as a busker, That way he can play for tips on the street and in venues and won’t get moved on.


I have found a new hobby chess and I am doing quite well at it, even if I do say myself.


Alex’s skill is finally high enough that he can actually make money from playing his instrument.


He headed down to the sidewalk outside city hall to try and earn some money, I wished him luck.