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Chapter 1.6- Adorable Toddlers


Jammie loves it when I play aeroplanes with her giggling and screeching and screaming for more.


She is also becoming quite musical and loves to bang on the xylophone, well mostly. Sometimes she attempts to chew the stick.


I have been watching the news quite a lot of late.


Alex enjoys going to the beach with his old-school mates and playing in the sea, what a kid, you wouldn’t think he was in his twenties


He does help with the cooking, I don’t do some much now as the kids pretty much exhaust me.


Jammie is such a little chatterbox now and is always talking about something


She is also quite creative and loves playing with the doll’s house making stories around the dolls


Soon Mateo too was a toddler and an adorable one at that.


He likes the doll’s house too but spends more time chewing the dolls then playing with them.


He took longer to toilet train then his sister and still sometimes has accidents.


With Funds running low and me not working, Alex spends a lot of time playing the guitar at parties and at the park.


I soon found out I was expecting again, oh dear, we can’t really afford it on just my modest maternity pay and Alex’s tips.


Chapter 1.4- A choice to make


With a baby on the way and me on maternity leave earning a mere pittance in pay, Alex must play a lot of guitar to earn money so we can buy the essentials.


I spend most of my days battling nausea and watching tv to hopefully help my unborn child learn culture, I also sometimes watch the cooking channel for inspiration.


Alex is bringing in some money but not a lot of he goes around looking for people before playing and that way gets more tips,


He is becoming quite a celeb though.


He also received a promotion.


With lots of time on my hands, I have developed my cooking skill even further and have been experimenting with new recipes.


Alex finally made enough in tips that we could afford to pay the bills that have been piling up, whew no repo man to take our belongings


Soon Nine Months had passed and I went into labour, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.


Alex is getting better at painting.


Mateo is quite a calm baby if his needs are cared for and he really loves his milk.


I thought I was going mad one morning, when Mateo was about Six months old, when I heard babbling and giggling on the porch, I walked out there and I saw a little girl of about one, next to her was a cuddly toy with a note attached. I started to read it. Hi, this is Jammie, I named her after my dead boyfriend, he was killed when I was pregnant in a fight. I was kicked out of my family home and have been living on the streets ever since. I managed to get into a hospital to have Jammie and then two days later grabbed her and ran but now I see I was being selfish. I saw you and your husband and your little boy two days ago, in the park and I want Jammie to have that. I have signed Jammie over to you and I am heading to my parents, give her the life she deserves please and don’t try to find me. After reading, I folded up the letter and took little Jammie inside, I then called the authorities who tried to find her mother but failed, they asked me if I would like to adopt her or for her to be put in care. I discussed it with Alex and we chose to adopt her. Two days later whilst watching the news, we found out that her mother had drowned.

Chapter 1.3- Moving On.


Alex wrote me a song and did a serenade for me, how romantic is he.


His guitar skill is well developed now


He is also becoming quite well known around here.


I am doing well at work and got another promotion. I am becoming bored with the job though and have been looking around for something else.


I found a job the total opposite to the one I am doing, I see if I find my new job more interesting.


We did use my bonuses from my old promotions and renovated the house making it larger because I have so news, can you guess.


Alex has some good and bad days with his tips and earns between 200 and 800 depending on the weather mostly.


I headed down the gym and did some working out. I also developed my athletic skills.



Well here’s why the house needed to be made bigger, Me and Alex are expecting our first child.


I have continued to improve my cooking, I want to be able for my child to have a variety of meals when she is older.


Alex enjoys painting and using his artwork to decorate our house, his skill is also developing nicely.

Chapter 4.4- Bonding


Arlo improved his cooking skill


Daisy met her dad one day for some bonding


Arlo changed his lifetime wish


He fed the fish


Ebony played with the doll’s house, her aunt Delia had got her


Daisy went into Labour and her son Eric was born. He was also the heir.


She had snuggle time with him

Eric went searching for stars

Soon Eric was an adorable toddler who was mostly a clone of his mum


Toddler spam


Daisy still finds time for her oldest


When she isn’t repairing that is.

Chapter 4.3- Hello Ebony


Daisy was soon expecting their first child

She improved her cooking and handiness skills at the library.

Soon she gave birth to her first child, a little girl that she called Ebony.

A year flew by and before you knew it, Ebony was a toddler with her dads features and mums skintone and hair colour.

Toddler spam

The family took a trip to the summer festival

Daisy taught Ebony her toddler skills


She was soon expecting her 2nd child.


She loved taking Ebony to the park even if sometimes it was hard to get Ebony to come off the riders,


Ebony also loved playing with her horse toy that she got from her grandparents


Daisy still found time and energy to play aeroplanes with Ebony despite her pregnancy.

Chapter 3.2- Starting a Family


Conner returned home from Uni and got a position at the local restaurant testing ingredients ensuring they were the best quality. He accepted.

It was soon Snowflake day. Conner and his parents headed to the festival for some snowy winter fun. They did lose a snowball fight but didn’t care, it was fun.

Soon the weekend had arrived and Holly arrived. She had finally graduated too. Conner and Holly soon caught up and he asked her to move in.

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Holly and Conner decided that they needed a home of their own so they bought this lovely two-bedroom home. They then said goodbye to Beth and Marcel and moved to their new home.


Holly wanted to be an Inventor creating and selling all cool inventions and widgets. She used the new workbench and soon gained a skill level in Inventing.


She headed down to city hall and registered as a Self-employed Inventor.


She needed scrap to invent with so headed down to the local junkyard to search for some.


She enjoyed making breakfast especially Omelettes for herself and Conner.


Conner enjoyed playing on the water slide in his clothes.


Holly soon found out she was expecting a baby. She hoped to be a good mom not having any good role models around. She had been abounded at three at a local supermarket.

She still kept her inventing up and soon improved her skill to level 5. Conner also got promoted.


Conner was overjoyed when he found out he was going to be a dad and proposed to Holly. They had a private wedding in their living room.

Chapter 2.2- Careers, Marriage and Babies.


Upon returning, Beth uploaded her cv and received a few job offers. She took the job as band manger and hoped one day to lead her own orchestra.




She then converted the spare room at the back of the house into a mini greenhouse and that was where she started growing her food.


She quickly called Leo and invited him over to visit.



Her garden started doing well and would soon start producing food.


Leo came over and despite only being apart for about a week, they quickly got reacquainted,


They also had a quick but cosy marriage and Leo joined the starling household.


He had always wanted to be a jockey and horseman so headed down to the local stables and bought a male horse called Darth.


Beatrice called, She was now in a steady relationship with Shawn.


Leo started training Darth for races


Beth found out that she was expecting her first child.


Her garden was doing really well and her fridge was well stocked with healthy home grown ingredients.

Chapter Two- Pitter Patter of Little Feet.


Anabel was promoted again and moved to the actual hospital and she now has patients under supervision of course.


She and Marcel finally were able to afford a laundry system and don’t to go to the laundromat three times a week no more.

Soon it was Leisure day and the couple took a trip to the festival where they had a seasonal picture taken, had some ice-cream, went skating, played some shoot-out and had a water balloon fight.

Later that Night, Ana went into labour and headed to the local hospital where her son Bernard was born. He is Eccentric and Heavy Sleeper.


Marcel is a very hands on dad always cuddling and playing with his son. He even feeds and changes him.


Anabel was back to work just two weeks after Bernie arrived and soon got promoted.


She still finds time for her little man despite her busy schedule.


Marcel soon got promoted again and now coaches children.


Soon Bernie was a toddler, he inherited his mum’s hair but otherwise is a mini me of his dad.


Anabel was soon expecting again and hoped for a girl.

Both Marc and Ana got promoted. Ana now does surgeries and is on call a lot. Marc is now on the local sports time and sometimes plays in games.

Before she knew it, Ana went in labour and had triplets. She had a Boy called Benjamin and two girls Bettula and Beatrice. They all luckily sleep through anything. Ben is exictable, Bea loves the outside and Bety is Friendly.