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Chapter 8.6- Achievements

Jarvis repairs the computer

Kathy gets promoted and now looks around for talent
Kenneth enjoys writing

Bryson also gets promoted

Bryson achieves his lifetime wish

Kenneth has decided he is a dinosaur and does everything dressed up

Jarvis and Bryson go around the house doing repairs and upgrades to the appliances

Kenneth loves the snow and enjoys making snowmen

Bryson gets promoted


Chapter 8.5- Promotions

Jarvis decided to give a makeover to his wife and luckily she was in agreement.

Kenneth easily entertains himself in his room, currently, He is fascinated with shapes and enjoys placing them in the different holes.

Bryson is working hard on his paintings

It pays off and he soon gets promoted

Kathy is now handy, good thing too with all the appliances that seem to break around here

Jarvis loves playing chess

Kathy enjoys painting

Kenneth has moved on from shapes and now enjoys playing imaginative games with the soft toys

Kenneth was soon a child. He rolled the Adventorous Trait.

Kenneth still loves to be imaginative but now he gets dressed up and enjoys pretending to be different people or animals.

Kathy is doing well at work and now is in charge of the band making sure that they are performing well

Bryson also got promoted and even got a bonus too

Kenneth enjoys pretending to go on underwater adventures in the bath

Kenneth is a good boy and always does his chores without having to be nagged into it

Chapter 8.3-Toddler Fun

Bryson is famous

He works on his inventing

Jarvis gained a new trait

Kenneth became a toddler

Bryson tickled his son

Kenneth enjoys playing with blocks even if he prefers to taste them rather then create with them.

Bryson started teaching his son to walk

He did some inventing

Kenneth played with a robot

Byrson started teaching his son to talk.

Bryson enjoys playing computer games too

more bonding time with his son

Jarvis started potty training his grandson

Kathy repaired the bath

Chapter 8.2- Skilling Fun

Bryson started an ice sculpture.

Jarvis used the computer

Bryson improved his sculpting skill

he also repaired the bathtub

and had fun with his wife

Bryson got promoted

Kathy used the computer

and chatted with Hannah

Bryson did some cooking

Kenneth was born. He rolled the Perceptive and heavy sleeper traits.

Bryson is a hands on dad

he enjoys inventing

and playing computer games

he went searching for scraps at the junkyard.

and repaired the dishwasher.

Chapter 10.8- Achievements

Amie got promoted

She also mastered the video game skill

Keon also got promoted

Amie repaired the bath

and the fridge

Keon did some writing

Keegan and Kane became teenagers

Some cooking was done but thankfully no fires

Keon plays dolls with his daughter

who also enjoys playing with toys