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Chapter 9.5- Sadness

Zackery is a very hands on dad and likes to read his daughters bedtime stories

Keira enjoys playing with her toys around the play table

Kelly just prefers to play with the farm animals downstairs

Zuri has found a new relaxing hobby fishing and can spend hours doing it

Kaila and Zak both got promoted

Zackery did some repairs

Zuri is really enjoying her golden years

Kiera plays with dolls

Kelly prefers the blocks

Zuri dies of old age

Zuri gets promoted

The twins become children. Kelly is hot-headed and Keira is a snob.


Chapter 9.3- Meeting New People

Kaila was soon pregnant

She decided to join a club

Zuri became an elder

She retired

Kaila got a job

Kaila had a club meeting at the local gym

She repaired the bathroom sink

She worked on her Charisma

Zackery repaired the stereo

and did some cooking

Zuri worked on her garden

The twins Keira and Kelly were born.

Chapter 3.8- Gossip

Diego loves gossiping with his grandmother
Leonardo and Santiago prefer playing in the pool.
Mum retired
Jammie is still with Wendell
Diego and Leonardo are very close
Jammie got engaged
I attended the boys scouting ceremony, I am so proud of them.
Before I knew it, it was time for the boys to become teenagers
Here they are after their makeovers
I signed them up for sports club
I also taught them all to drive.