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Chapter 2.32- The End

Peter uses the computer

Baby 100 Aldous is born. Now just to grow up and move the babies out.

Peter works out

Dixie becomes a young Adult and moves out. She is Romantic. Pauline loves music

Peter works on his school project

Pauline plays in the tent

Aldous becomes a fussy toddler

Peter is soon a teenager. He is Lactose Intolerant and wants to grow a vampire family.

Peter enjoys playing computer games

Yoko works on Aldous’s thinking

and his movement

Pauline becomes a Jealous teen who wants to have a big family

She has fun on the slip n slide

Aldous works on imagination

Peter becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is Erratic. Aldous becomes a child, a proper one

he works on his mental skill

Yoko repairs the computer in the art room

Pauline cleans up the kitchen

Aldous plays with toys

Birthdays. Aldous becomes a teen, he is cheerful and wants to be a bodybuilder. Pauline moves out, she is Erratic.

Aldous uses the slip n slide

he does some boxing

Yoko uses the computer, with just one teen in the house, she has lots of spare time

Aldous repairs

Aldous is soon a Young Adult and the challenge is now completed. His final trait is Bookworm.


Chapter 7.3- Toddler Fun

Thomas enjoys playing with toys

Perla does some dancing

The twins chatter away to each other

Tonya is born

Perla loves getting a soaking when she bathes the twins

Tamsin loves being imaginative in the tent

Thomas prefers the play table

Perla does some cleaning

and some celeb fawning

Tamsin enjoys dancing

Thomas enjoys playing with blocks

Tonya becomes a toddler who loves hugs

She also enjoys playing with blocks and toys

Chapter 8.2- Goodbye

Sally works hard on her term paper

She has lots of fun playing her favourite game

Soon the term is over

Sally moves back in with her parents as they are getting on and she wants to spend time with them

She works on her homework

Lucy still loves to exercise

She needs to nap after though

Shayne dies of old age

Sally cooks dinner

She works on her presentation

Lucy retires

Zane and Sally are still as close as ever and decide to get engaged on Alien night at the bar

They have a private wedding at home

Sally and Zane are soon expecting their first child together

Sally works on her homework

Sally enjoys playing video games

Round 14, Family 1- Frost

I cooked my family some lunch

We ate as a family and then our son told us about his day

Ginger has a fascination with being on the furniture

I got a job

I love debate

Rachel loves video games

I hired a butler

My wife uncovered and authenticated some artifacts.

Robert enjoys playing imaginative games with his toys

and computer games

Our new butler and Robert love playing chess

I took Ginger to the vets and got him some treatment

My wife and son play some chess together

Ginger is now an elder

Rachel enjoys dancing

Robert found a music genre he likes

I adopted Daisy and love socialising with her too

I also had my birthday

Ginger and Daisy get on well and are always chasing each other around the house and playing together.

Chapter 4.4- Passing on the torch

Zane enjoys playing video games

Lila is soon an elder

She masters the fitness skill even if she has to take naps in between work-outs

Zane enjoys cooking

Zane and Lila play chess together

leo does a workout

He works on his logic

Lila gets promoted

Zane becomes a Young Adult. His traits are Creative, Art Lover, and Ambitious. His aspiration is Painter extraordinaire, and all house goals are now completed.

The House, Final worth is 57, 162 simoleons. It includes a full working rocket, a pool and kiddie pool, a water balloon bucket, a second-floor balcony with a grill eating area, and children’s activities. A children’s room including some toddler stuff and a spacious bedroom for adults.,

Chapter 2.31- Outdoor Fun

Dixie is soon a clingy toddler

Digby helps with potty training his sister

Joubert becomes a Squeamish child

Dixie plays with blocks

Joubert plays pirate

Digby finds a music genre he likes

Dixie plays in the tent

Baby 98 Peter is born, only two to go

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Philip

Digby dances

as does Joubert

Birthdays. Joubert becomes a teen who loves dancing and wants to make many enemies. Digby becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is Erratic. Dixie becomes a child who will eat anything and Peter is a fussy toddler.

Dixie plays doctor

Joubert plays computer games

Dixie works on her school projects

Peter works on his imagination

Yoko makes her next baby. She had a baby girl Pauline with Philip.

Peter plays with blocks

Dixie does some science

Birthdays. Joubert becomes a Young adult and moves out. He loves to read. Dixie becomes a teen who can’t have milk and wants to be a bartender. Peter is a Active child and Baby 99 Pauline is Clingy.

Dixie enjoys playing computer games

Pauline hates coming out the ball pit

Yoko works on her fitness

Peter enjoys exersize

Dixie loves video games

Chapter 7.2- Interesting Choices

Theo enjoys dancing

He is doing well at work too

Theo works on his logic

and his handiness

Perla does some cooking

and some chores.

She also works on her logic

and does some dancing

Theo works on his designs

and does some house repairs

He gets some input on his designs from Perla

The twins become toddlers. They are Independant.

Tamsin does well with the potty

Thomas loves babbling away

He also loves being imaginative

The twins are quite close and love sitting together on the sofa and babbling away.

Chapter 8.1- Uni Life

Sally heads off to University to study Physics

She tries cheating on her Term paper and gets caught, well no more of that

Sally works hard on her presentation and gets an A too

Sally enjoys swimming around campus

Sally is quite sociable too and enjoys chatting with her roommates

She also loves beating Anas at table tennis

Sally has started dating Zane, a goofball who doesn’t like to cook.

Sally loves challenging her roommates to table tennis

Sally also loves having water balloon fights with her boyfriend

Sally shares some knowledge.

Round 13, Family 31- Yoshida 2

I got a job as a Gardener

I socialized with Chesnut

I planted some seeds

Inside too, I did some gardening

I took care of the cow

and the chickens

I love gardening

I took Chesnut to the Vets

I did some gardening

I milked the cow

I met a Rabbit

I went out dancing with my sister and some friends

I got promoted

I taught Chesnut.

Chapter 4.3-Family Outings

Lila does flashcards with her son

Lila gets promoted

and masters cooking

Zane becomes a child. He is creative.

he enjoys playing pirate

Leo hates video games

The family go to the park. Leo enjoys doing some Yoga, Lila and Leo play chess ad do Lila and Zane. Zane also enjoys creating new flooring for the bathroom

Leo uses the computer

Zane is a good student and always does his homework and school projects sometimes with support from Mum. He also enjoys creating art, doing experiments and pretending to be a doctor

Lila and Leo both get promoted

Leo becomes an elder

Lila does some painting

and some dancing

Zane becomes a teenager. He is an Art Lover

he enjoys playing video games

Lila works on her rocket

Lila and Leo play chess together

Zane does some exercise

Lila gets promoted